Lunch plate

Using up some things in the fridge. One of the best approaches to eating healthy for me – having a variety of items to choose from. I try to stock my fridge with the essentials (hummus, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, feta cheese (goat or plant based), fruits and vegetables)) so I never get board.

Today I concocted this dish: place a bed of sour kraut, cut up two grape leaves, 1/2 English cucumber thinly sliced.

This was the best part. We had grilled some corn the night before. I took half an ear, cut off the core, placed on clay pan with some baby bella mushrooms I had in freezer, little olive oil, PC garlic and herb seasoning, sprinkled over the top, air fried on lower level just until mushrooms were cooked. Added to bowl: chiffonade of garden basil, crumbled some goat feta, hummus and drizzled some lemon juice over top, adding salt and pepper to taste.

POW! What flavors in this dish! I probably won’t have all the stuff to make it again (especially because I don’t always grill corn), but I would make the corn, mushroom dish and add some grilled asparagus as a side vegetable for dinner!! Love what you do!!

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