Kitchen Tools

I believe in all things kitchen gadgets, service wear, and all the tools I need to make it happen. This is one of the reasons I became a Pampered Chef consultant.

Since COVID, it’s been hard to establish a business without the in-person service of in-home shows. However, I’ve used Facebook and Instagram to share my talents with my viewers.

Everything I’ve bought over the past 10 years I still have. I have also acquired some new items (free and/or reduced prices) as a consultant (that’s the best part). It takes no extra time out of my schedule to do the things I love!

Catch me at – there are always sale items on the site. If you host a party (online or catalog), you receive free items. If you purchase a certain amount of items, you earn free items!! Enjoy browsing. Check out my Facebook page for some interesting videos: Lisa Gentile/Pampered Chef Consultant – Inspired to Teach –

One of my favorite tools for guacamole. One bowl mixing, chopping, and serving!

I just built out a new space in my basement (kind of a retreat for me and my family members) – the cooking area is all PC items except the Air Fryer – my family loves the Air Fryer upstairs so much, I couldn’t replace it – I might have to get a second one. Living with small appliances comes in really handy if you have an AirBnB room to supply!! Check it out!

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