Since I received my new Q-Cooker (Q for Quick) in the mail from Pampered Chef, I have used it to pressure cook my broccoli rabe and sausage. It came out nice and tender, and otherwise would have taken me twice as long to prep and cook on the stove. I was able to sautés my sausage right in the pot and then add all the other ingredients, set the knob and let it cook. No fuss, no mess.

I am so excited for my Q-Cooker because it has the following 16 options:

Main purpose: One-pot meals (6-qt. capacity)

Cook frozen foods without thawing, sear, steam, slow cook, proof, white rice, brown rice, whole grains, chicken/poultry, beef/pork, fish/seafood, soup/stock, beans, stew/chili, dessert (cheesecake in particular), custom, and keep warm element.

Best of all, it has a stay cool surround, and carry handles in the base so you don’t burn yourself if moving.

Links to Recipes:

Broccoli Rabe with Italian Sausage

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