Apple and Sweet Pepper Salsa

Have you ever been set to cook something you’d been thinking about all week and then changed your mind at the last minute. Well, that happened to me today. I was going to make a regular summer salsa, but thought, “summer is actually almost on its way out.” I was looking at the bowl of apples in the kitchen, and then went to the garden to see that my last harvest of tomatoes was long from turning red. Well, here came the thought of making apple salsa, rather than the traditional tomato salsa. Lo and behold, I didn’t know how it was going to taste because I’d never had anything like it before. May a mango salsa, but that’s a close to a sweet salsa I’ve come.

Here is what I did:

Cut and sliced two cups of apples, placing them in a cup with water and lemon juice (the lemon juice keeps the apples from growing). Apple brown when they hit the air. Quarter a red pepper and yellow pepper, slicing them about the same width and length as the apples (it yielded about 1 cup). Cut on jalepeno pepper in half, discarding the seeds and membrane, and slicking about the same width and length as the pepper. Quarter one medium onion, slicing the same width as the other vegetables. Placed all ingredients into the hand held mixer, chopping to desired size. Then add 1 tablespoon honey (amber unfiltered), 1/4 teaspoon salt and pepper, 3 tablespoons lime juice, and three sprigs of parsley.

Now for the tortilla chips or cups (scoops): Take a round tortilla, cut with a round cookie cutter, place tortilla in a cupcake pan, cooking for ten months on 350 degrees. Let set for a few minutes before removing from pan. I used small dishes I bought at Williams Sonoma. Chop all ingredients together to incorporate the wet ingredients.

Look what I found:

My husband made chicken thighs last night and we had some left over. I chopped up the chicken, took a tortilla shell, toasted in the over with cheddar cheese, laced the chopped chicken on top, and topped with apple salsa. What flavors melded together was amazing.


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