Rotisserie Chicken Soup with Italian Meatballs

This recipe is for someone who has some time to spend. Even though it’s cooked from a rotisserie chicken, there are a few steps to making this pot of goodness.

My favorite time to make soup is the winter months. In addition to using an already cooked chicken, I make little Italian meatballs (a twist on Italian Wedding Soup). I start with whole celery, carrots and onions (I cut onion in quarters) then add the water. Bring the vegetables and water to a boil, then add all but the breast of the chicken. Add enough water to cover everything. Some time I keep the wings and a drumstick aside for my sons (my oldest won’t eat soup). The rest of the breast, I cut up in cubes, using about 1/4 for the soup and 3/4 for chicken salad. After boiling the chicken and vegetables for an additional 25 minutes, I strain the broth through a colander to catch any tiny pieces of bone along with all the cooked vegetables. While it cools, I cut new carrots, celery, and onions, and cook in the broth. After the cooked chicken cools, I sift through the vegetables and bones and peel all the reserved chicken away from the bones and toss it back into the strained broth. I discard the old vegetables. Bringing the vegetables and chicken to another boil, I drop the Italian meatballs into the broth; they will rise to the top when completely cooked. This is the time to add all the spices and goodness – thyme, salt, pepper, celery salt, and poultry seasoning. Recipes to come – check out the pics!!!


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