My Daughter’s Dish – Bowtie Pasta Chicken

My daughter surprised me with this dish the other day.  It was a weekend day when I was doing my homework for a Psychology Research class I am taking.  I smelled the aromas from the living room, but wasn’t quite sure what she was making.  She brought me this bowl of pasta and I took one bite and my heart melted.

Boiling water to make pasta is something I have taught my children to cook, making sure they read the directions on the box, and cooking the pasta until its al dente (If the box says to cook the pasta 10-12 minutes, cook it until 10 minutes, especially if you are going to back or add the pasta to a cooked sauce because this cooks it more).

My daughter took leftover chicken my husband grilled, cut it into thin chunks. She sauted sliced mushrooms and bacon.  The base is a cream base with oil and garlic.  After straining the pasta, she added it to the base, added spices, then salt and pepper (recipe to come).  It was delicious!

Love Lisa


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