Bacon Egg & Cheese on Pita

For those of you who know Petrone’s Pizza in Melrose, Leo makes one of the best pita’s around.   I have known Leo, and his son’s Saki and Andreas for quite some time and they are the most generous people I know.  They cook for local non-for-profits and their food is fresh and tasty.

Their pita is a heavy dough, although really crunchy when toasted.  I usually toast, then spread peanut butter for a nice afternoon snack.  However, this morning I decided to slice it thin and use it as a base for a bacon egg and cheese for myself and my husband.  On Saturday mornings in the fall we travel to see our son run Cross Country.  Today he has a meet, so we need some substance to last us through the journey.  This was the perfect option.  You can most definitely use your preferred type of bread for this recipe.  One of my husband’s favorites it Scali bread.

Cook the bacon first.  Toast the bread and then slightly butter (I toasted my slice whole and then cut in half to assemble.  I prefer uncured bacon, thick sliced, but used thin for this recipe.  Taking about 1 teaspoon of bacon grease for the pan, I added three eggs (one for me and two for my husband), letting cook until whites turned solid, then adding some salt and pepper (I use Himalayan Gourmet Pink Salt and Ground Black Pepper from whole peppercorns).

Make sure the pan is well-greased – especially if using a stainless steel pan.  I use a non-stick pan and still use a little spray, butter or bacon grease.

Once the whites turn solid, I break a little of the yoke so it cooks through and then flip the eggs (make sure its ready to flip – it will release from the pan with no effort.  If it’s not ready to release, then it’s not cooked enough).  I add grated cheddar cheese (two swipes of the shredder, no more, then 1 slice American Cheese for the bigger sandwich (cut in thirds to cover the entire egg – 1/2 slice for the smaller sandwich (you can certainly add what you want, but for me it’s just enough).  Let the cheese melt just enough so that the egg doesn’t over cook.  Turn burner off and let sit until ready to assemble.

Ready for assembly:

Slice of toasted pita, egg folded in half, thin bacon (at least four slices folded in half (if using thick, two slices), slice of toasted pita.  Yum!  Enjoy! Bon-Appetite!

Love Lisa


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