Plant based BLT

One of my fondest memories working Downtown Boston was going to Dewey Square to get a sandwich from Clover. It was when the food truck first started in Boston. I fell in love with their BLT, while my friend would get this sandwich that had picked cabbage and pimento cheese. The sandwich I was addicted to came in a small pita pouch with tempeh smokey bacon, sliced tomatoes and green leaf lettuce. It had been a long time after that when I had run into a Clover in Cambridge. Back when my daughter was taking classes to become a DJ. I happened upon it one night while I was driving to pick her up. Same sandwich, hadn’t changed. I was so excited. Now that I don’t travel so much I figured I would make my own.

I toasted two slices of Iggy’s Slice Francese, sautés bacon tempeh in a little coconut oil, and sliced some radicchio and romaine lettuce. I threw a little sauerkraut in with the shredded lettuce. I just had this taste I was going for and knew all the flavors would meld together once it was all together.

Building the sandwich:

One slice of toasted Francese bread, slather with vegan caesar dressing, place sauerkraut, shredded radicchio and romaine lettuce next. Then, top that off with 3 slices of tempeh smokey bacon, a little more vegan caesar dressing, some tomato, and another slice of toasted Francese. I threw it on the grill for a few minutes to heat everything up inside, plate it, slice it. Once I took a bite of it, I was amazed at the blend of flavors. With the bitterness of the radicchio, sour of the sauerkraut, the tang of the vegan caesar dressing, and the right blend of smoke from the tempeh bacon! Bang! In addition, the Francese bread has a little sour dough taste to it, so that made the flavors meld even more. Boom!

Tempeh smokey bacon BLT – Plant based!

My son came into the room just as I was finishing my last bite. He asked me if he could try it. Of course I said yes! I took one last small bite and then gave him the rest. Minus the tomato slice, he was satisfied too!

NOTE: I did find that I needed to toast the bread a lot so it was stiff, otherwise with the dressing and sauerkraut mixture, it would get soggy right away.


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