Bar Pan

When I was first introduced to Pampered Chef in 2012, this was one of the first things I purchased. Back then it was a rectangle, not the shape it is today. I went through two of them between 2012 and now. I used them so much, with high temperature (higher than recommended) causing the corners to break off. Low and behold, since it was under warranty, Pampered Chef sent me another one free of charge. When you purchase from PC, make sure you look at the warranty years. All I kept saying was, “what if I bought a similar pan from a department store.” I wouldn’t have gotten a warranty with it. Most manufacturer warranties are 90 days, if nothing at all.

I love that PC added the the little lip on the front. When I use the bake setting in my Air Fryer, It fits perfectly, and keeps food nice and crisp. I can an individual pizza on it and the bottom stays nice and crisp too. Best thing I ever bought!


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