Happen Upons

Saturday, February 15, 2020, I decided to take a trip to Roslindale – after deciding to drop my daughter at a wine class, I decided to stay in town and experience a neighborhood I wasn’t familiar with. All I had to do is check my phone and ask for “farmer’s markets in the area.” There happened to be one just one block away from where the wine class was!! I was so excited for this journey. Sons of Italy Roslindale:

Great finds in Roslindale

First stop: micro greens. Since I bought an abundant amount of micro greens last week, I only bought fresh basil, local honey (Dorchester area), and hot sauce with habaneros, red, yellow peppers. I’m going to use the basil in a chicken meatball sauce for dinner tomorrow night. I’ll also use some for a goat cheese stuffed tomato side dish.

Next stop: eastern fair – grape leaves (there were none left to purchase, however, I got to try some). Tender, nicely seasoned, the grape leaf melted in my mouth. I purchased some calamata hummus, and a felafel. The felafel was nutty and satisfied my appetite until lunch.

Up next: almond butters – again, sold out. Did I mention I got to the market at 1:30. It started at 10:00. Early bird gets the worm… This guy was a teacher with Uncommon Schools. We talked for a bit about his butters. Even though he was sold out (a good thing for him), he still had samples. I tried the apple almond butter first – a little on the sweat side, so he offered a taste of his sugar free version without apples – simple, but punched a lot of flavor (yum). He’s launching his website soon. I’ll keep you posted.

Next stop: bakery. Oh Boy. I am culinary trained in both sweet and savory, so I was really ready to enjoy talking about some of the fabulous ingredients in theses ideas I was looking at.

Savory scone

Cowgirl vegan cookie

It’s lunch time: instead of eating, I figured I would drink my lunch. A local shop recommended I go to the Green T Shop. I had the Bellaire: pomegranate juice, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, mandarin orange & yogurt (full of antioxidants!!!)

Enjoy pics of the atmosphere!

Bathroom Decor


Shop Decor

This place was comfortable, not too crowded, warm and cozy for a sunny brisk winters day.

More to come…..


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