Welcome to my website.  I started Flavor4food as a blog and had spent a lot of time thinking how I could share my love of food with not only my friends and family, but the world.  I have a Professional Chef’s Degree from Cambridge School of Culinary Arts.  I owned a catering business for three years (named after my three children (Mark, Christian & Nina – Marchina’s)), and after spending years trying to figure out what it was I wanted to do with my cooking, it dawned on me to start this web page in the hopes of becoming a food author.  However, after spending a few years in restaurants, I went back to the corporate world in order to support my family.  As a Legal Executive Assistant, I met a great group of people who shared my interest in food.  We would travel through Boston at lunch-time and enjoy the food trucks in Dewey Square.  I also love trying new restaurants with my family, spending time with my friends at some of their favorite restaurants.  Inasmuch, my sole inspiration is my mom who taught me few things and my brother Mark who is an Educator of Culinary Arts and a great Chef.

I hope you can come with me on this journey and find something you like to cook for your family.

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