Dinner plate

Tried something new. I started with a cookbook recipe, but it turned out a different way.

Air fried cauliflower until golden brown on bar pan, added some water to steam until soft. I went this way because unlike the rustic look of the cauliflower (rather than just cream color). While the cauliflower was cooking I shelled some snap peas I got at a farmers market. Once separated, I boiled the peas in the same oven using a cast iron dish, strained, then placed in a bath of cold water to stop the cooking process. With my hand held food process, I processed the cauliflower separate from the peas.

Peas and Cauliflower, drizzle with oil lemon thyme dressing, salt and pepper to taste – the thyme gives the dish the flavor.

Used the same bar pan, placing some ton foil and air frying for 10 minutes – seasonings include PC garlic and herb, and Greek seasoning. Love what you do!!

Check out the tools at http://www.pamperedchef.com/pws/lisagentile


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