Peppers, Guacamole, and Cucumber Salad!

Peppers aren’t something I cook with all the time. However, a friend of my daughters has a pepper farm in her backyard. Yes, a pepper farm. She brought home two shopping bags full of sweet and hit peppers.

After slicing the hot peppers 1/2 inch, I placed the peppers on a clay baking tray in the oven, on dehydrate (120 degrees) – they will be in the oven for a good 6-8 hours. I will use them for a skillet dish and/or pulverize them and use for chili.

Dehydrated peppers

Sweet Peppers

The sweet peppers I cut up into rings and jarred them. They yielded about 2 cups, so I boiled the following:

I boiled 1 cup of white distilled vinegar, 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar, 1/4 cup sugar (I used Swerve), 1 tsp mustard seed, 1/8 tsp celery salt. After placing slices of peppers in mason jar, I poured liquid over, sealed and will ferment over night and then refrigerate. The liquid will not cover all the peppers; after the night they will shrink to fit the liquid. If you want more liquid up front, add another 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar.

Vinegar Peppers and Onions


I have several different recipes for guacamole since it depends on what I have in my fridge. Traditionally, it has onions, jalapeño peppers, tomato, lime juice, and avocado. When I serve it with salmon, I use avocado, walnuts and lime juice. This recipe called for the following:

1/2 avocado, tsp diced red onion tsp diced jalapeño pepper, 1/8 cup diced tomato, salt and pepper taste, and lime juice to taste. I like lime, so I use more than what a traditional recipe would call for. I love the tang. You can double this resize for two people, and increase the recipe depending on how many in your party. TIP: seal with lime juice and plastics wrap so it doesn’t turn brown after refrigerating. For the chips I used a toasted almond flour chip tortilla.

Guacamole with Almond Chips

Cucumber Salad

Garden fresh tomatoes are the best for this dish. If you don’t have garden fresh, purchase heirloom tomatoes if in season. I also use a fresh cucumber from the garden. I diced up enough for myself, however you could double or triple the recipe depending on how many people. I did the following:

1/2 cucumber diced, 1/2 large garden tomato diced, five leaves oregano chopped, as much feta cheese as you like. I also chopped up fresh banana pepper (1/8 tsp) and added for a kick. Add salt and pepper to taste and drizzle with a little olive oil. I added a dash of herb spice for additional flavor.

Cucumber Salad