Asian Delights

My daughter brought home some shiitake mushrooms. This got me thinking…. I was originally going to make a turkey wrap, but then my mind switch over to Asian fair – I bought and made spring rolls a few weeks ago when I had a rotisserie chicken. I made soup again the night before and reserved some of the chicken for chicken salad. Well, chicken salad didn’t happen, so I used it for the chicken spring rolls. I prepped: julienne carrots and cucumbers, peeled the tops off of the mushrooms and sliced them thin, chicken was already cut up. I had enough ingredients for about 6 wraps. Again, I didn’t use a recipe – it’s all in my head. If determine how many rice wrappers after i prep. This is the second batch since I bought the wrappers. The first time I made 4. This time 6 a there are enough for one more meal down the road (I have to store the rest in an airtight container in fridge).

You can precook the mushrooms if you want – just steamed with a little oil. You don’t have to precook.

Mixture: soy sauce, teriyaki sauce and some Asian hot pepper sauce. Mix enough for the six wraps – again, this is the level at which you decide how much hot you want. Usual measurements are 1tbls of each sauce and whatever amount of hot you want. This gets spooned over all the ingredients of the wrap before you fold the wrap.

You can make another small amount for dipping later.

I prep a pan of water with some ginger (steamed) on the stove. I also have an area clear with a board to set the wrap on – you don’t want the water too hot or you won’t be able to handle the wrap. It curls on the outside really fast, so you have to keep your fingers in the outside of the wrap and press down until the hash marks in the wrap disappear. Carefully pulling the wrap from the top (it may shrivel – don’t fret you can carefully pull it to where it needs to be.

I also prep a pan with some coconut oil just enough to coat the bottom of pan. You want to heat the oil and have it ready for the rolls – medium heat.

Assembly- Lay the carrots, chicken, cucumber, and mushrooms in middle of wrap so there is about an inch on left and right side and 2-3 inches on top and bottom. Drizzle soy sauce mixture on top – sparingly.

Fold top over, then sides, then roll toward you. Keep hands wet. Pick up and place in oil – cook until browned on both sides – all 4 sides don’t need to be browned – it’s okay to eat the rice wrap partially steamed too. Repeat.

I serve my rolls over bib lettuce – having a dipping sauce on side.