I decided to take another risk in life! I’ll talk about the specifics later on, but for right now, let me explain how I got my courage to take risks!

How does one become a risk taker? Well, when you decide you’re all in, you just do it. When I was little I would roller skate in my back yard and on the sidewalk in hopes I would’t fall and break a bone (well, that happened, I broke my arm when I was 8 – in our own back yard). Got a cast, went to school, go right back up on those skates and rolled to my hearts desire. At the time I asked for roller skates (yes, roller skates) I did’t say to my mom and dad, nor did they say to me – “I don’t want to because I’m afraid I’ll fall and hurt myself,” or “We don’t want you to because we’re afraid you’ll fall and hurt yourself.”

Los Angeles California

I was born and lived in Chicago until I was 5. There’s not much I can recall in that time, but know our family took many risks to survive things that were happening in the 60’s in Chicago. When I was in elementary school, our family moved from California to Cape Cod. What was the risk in that? Well, we drove nine days from coast to coast. Four children in a station wagon, traveling across the United States. My risk was meeting new friends at ten years old. It was the summer, a newly developed cul-de-sac, and not many kids around. While my two older siblings were attending a middle school, I arrived at my new new elementary school as a fifth-grade not knowing anyone. In California, I had spent the last five years walking to school with my brother and sister every day. In my new school I kept to myself most of the time. This is where I had the first chance to play basketball on a team. That’s where I found a lot of my courage. I was scared and nervous, but I made the team. It was the highlight of my young life. That’s all I would do when I got home from school – play basketball!

When I was in middle school, I tried out for the basketball team and made that team too. I played for three years. Also in middle school we had a field event day where we would have to throw a softball, complete a standing-broad jump, run a mile, and sprint 50 yards. While I was running and jumping, during an eight grade event, my basketball coach told my mom (she was the secretary at the school at the time) that I had talent. It was recommended that I definitely run and jump in high school.

My freshman year of high school I didn’t try out for any sports in the fall. Winter, I did try out for the basketball. I made the cuts (boy was that nerve-racking). Track and field was in the spring. During my high school experience, I played four years of basketball (three of those years Varsity with double points and double rebounds), ran four years track (three of those years, Varsity Conference hurdler, high jumper, and sprinter, State hurdler, high jumper and long jumper, New England high jumper and longer jumper). I played one year of field hockey, and ran two years of cross country (one year Varsity – where we won first in our Division in conference). I also ran for the Falmouth Track Club for two years. This was certainly a risk to my body and my mind.

In basketball, I would twist my ankle, scrape my knees, get elbowed, knocked over.

I’m number 12 – that’s where I got my height for high jumping

In track I would fall flat after knocking over a 5′ high jump pole (boy did that hurt). My worst fear was jumping so far over that I would hit my head on the stand or miss the mat and fall on my head. Luckily, that never happened.

My senior year of high school, I had my sights on the 1980 Olympics. Academics for me was just doing what I had to do in order to play, jump, run, and survive. I wasn’t a whiz kid too. Being a student athlete wasn’t about being well rounded back then. I knew by my sophomore year I had to switch mindsets if I wanted to go to college – it was also important to my parents (academically). Most of the students I went to school with earned academic scholarships. There weren’t many athletic scholarships to hand out (especially for track and field). I didn’t go the basketball route – I was better at running. I was the one who vetted the athletic scholarship though. My parents were really proud of me. That summer I was partly on my way to the Olympics, sponsored by a local realtor to help me with financing, and boom! It hit. It didn’t happen – if you Google 1980 Olympics, you’ll find that the US didn’t travel to Moscow and why.

Here I am in college with a 4-year scholarship, with a mindset that I can do anything as long as I put in the time and effort. How was I going to get myself to the 1984 Olympics!! My first year in college, I took the risk of running indoor track (something I’d never done in my running career). Working with my coach during my high jump practice, I turned my foot so far out that I tore a tendon that flattened the height of my running and jumping career, AND my hopes for the 1984 Olympics. I was crushed. If you’ve ever seen your life flash in front of your eyes – that was me. I was six months into physical therapy, no surgery. First debut at the UCLA Santa Barbara Invitations and I flopped. NO placement. I couldn’t even jump the starting height for the high jump, my long jump was terrible, and I couldn’t get through jumping ten hurdles without pain in my foot. At the time, I didn’t have the mindset I had in high school to be able to even understand how to get out of this deficit. I didn’t know much of anything else. Running and jumping was my life. All I did know was what I learned about business in high school and a little in my third-semester in college. I went into the work force at 19 years old.

There is so much more to these stories I would love to share with you, but I must get on about my new venture and why I’m taking on new risks.

Well, after getting married, having children, working several jobs, going back to school (earning my bachelors in Psychology and a Masters in Education in my 50’s), HERE I AM. Finally, at a point in my life where I can say my risks have truly inspired me to push, persevere, overcome barriers, and feel like I am capable of many more things this life can endure. Why this new risk?

I opened an UnFranchise business. This risk has been about ten years in the making. I was approached by a good friend years ago, was skeptical, thought it was another one of those MLM schemes (well, they’re illegal). This was not the case. After. COVID hit, I started wondering about how we were going to sustain a living on a teachers salary, a small retirement check and disability income (why happens if all of that goes away). I am sure a lot of people out there are thinking the same thing. What if that all goes away. Maybe it has already, for some. What are we going to be able to leave our my children (other than the only thing we owned – our house)? I started thinking and doing my due diligence. I looked in to stocks, real estate investments, went on YouTube and started searching UnFranchise and Shop.com. I had remembered the reason why my friend got involved, and all seemed to make sense. Well, I started to ask questions, attend Zoom calls to understand the part of the business that would net me the supplemental income I would need to survive these next few years as a teacher and the rest of my retirement thereafter. My parents certainly didn’t come from money, nor did my husband’s parents. However, we are hard workers, so why would we have to struggle through our retirement years.

Well, not am I only able to use the Shop.com portal to purchase anything and everything I already buy, at the same time, get the everyday essentials my family and I need to live healthy lifestyles, and earn profit in interim. Yes, it’s not just for me, but also for my sons and daughter, and my husband. We all have something we need to work for in our lives, whether it’s eating enough iron, magnesium, potasium, vegetables, understanding obesity, eating disorders, taking care of children, etc.. Why not use this opportunity to buy the things we use our good earned money on and earn profits from it at the same time. One of the greatest things about this is that I will be able to WILL this UnFranchise to my children. We all want to leave some kind of legacy for our loved ones, don’t we!!

When I talk about essentials, I mention Isotonix (something my body needs to sustain the energy I exert every day in the classroom as a teacher); TurnUp, to get me through the long days of teaching, updating my websites, selling my products, taking care of my family; and TurnDown, to get me through those sleepless nights where my brain is all over the place; my TLS shake mix to get me through the morning without having to eat a heavy meal before I head to school. Bone and joint health (for all the years I ran, jumped, tossed, flopped, broke bones, etc.). ALL this AND cash back (for those who use Shop.com. BV – Business Volume points to make commission on the products I sell!!! – I get paid for what I do even while I am teaching, writing, cooking, blogging, filming, and sleeping.

I have a team of dedicated partners. Physicians, lawyers, fitness owners, technologists, accountants, etc. I don’t have any overhead since everything is shipped by my company, right from the warehouse straight to your door. Marketing materials are at my fingertips – I don’t have to hire someone, nor do I have to do it myself. Everything and anything about our products are at my fingertips Amazing!

We are all able to spread the news about this opportunity through social media, and our zoom meetings and calls. During these COVID days, this has given me the opportunity to not only help myself, but help others around me. Yes, it’s a risk, because businesses fail every day. But if you put the time in, you get the rewards back. I am putting in the same time I was taking to earn my undergraduate and graduate degrees on line (15-18 hours) This is me!

If you are wondering, what does all of this have to do with Food or Flavor4food?? Well, the part of my UnFranchise business is TLS (Transitions Lifestyle System). It’s a way I can incorporate a scientifically based program into my lifestyle. It’s a no brainer I love food. Sometimes it’s hard to make better choices. We all have those moments (I think). Why not allow us to learn about other components of nutrition in order to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

I am grateful. Thank you for reading this far.

I am always open to questions about any part of my website, so please reach out if there is anything you want to learn!!!

You can find everything else at shop.com/lisagentileMEd, or email me. I’m here to listen!! What are your needs today!

With love always! Lisa

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