Apple Tarts by Nina Gentile

Like mother, like daughter. One of the things I liked most about cooking school was the baking program. It wasn’t just about sweet sweets, it was more about understanding the science of food. After my daughter made her tarts she asked me to check to see if they were ready. I told her to take the tarts out of their shell and cook for an additional 5 minutes to brown the bottom and sides of the crusts.

I also gave her a tip:

Whenever baking and your fruit looks dry – take some apricot jam, or in this case we took some lavender, lemon jam we purchased at the Lavender farm in Harwich, melted it and basted the tarts with it. After, we added a sprinkle of granulated sugar to the top. So shiny!! She did great!! So proud!!!

Gluten free apple strudel and pastry dough tarts by Nina Gentile