Why an UnFrachise?

I started my Unfranchise business in November of last year, right in the midst of COVID-19.  I was introduced to the product a second time around through a dear family of mine.  I don’t often refer to people as dear families (more like dear friends), but yes, this came about through a dear family of mine.  Their twenty-something daughter started her Unfranchise over thirteen years ago.  They had introduced it to me once before, but I wasn’t in the right mindset, nor did I think I was financial fit to take on such an endeavor at the time.  Well, boy/girl was I wrong.  I look back at it now and say, “Why did I wait so long.”  Well, I don’t always like to look back, so I said, “I’m going to do my due diligence, see what it’s all about again, and give it a try – take a risk.”  I am so glad I did.

Have you ever been in a situation where you were looking for a business and/or a business partner?  When I contacted this dear family of mine, they didn’t say right away, “Absolutely, come right on in and join, we really need someone like you!”  It was more along the lines of, “Here, try some of the products, take a look at the business plan, evaluate it on your own terms and then get back to us when you have time in your schedule.”  That’s exactly what I did – for about three months.  

Yes, it took me three months to evaluate the business plan. I wanted to make sure it was the real deal, the cream of the crop, the gung hoe I was looking for, and it had to be a right fit for me and my family. For any company that I’ve ever worked for, I had to believe in the product(s). Some products sell themselves. Just like when I worked at Apple. I didn’t say, “Hey, come on in and buy this product.” Most consumers already know what they wanted to buy. I was the person who needed to ensure they were getting the best product for what they needed it for, not just sell them anything I wanted them to have just to make a buck. This isn’t like that either. The products do sell themselves. They are geared toward nutrition and wellness. They also sell through partner sites (keep reading…).

For three months I did my due diligence – tried the products, had my kids try some of the products, read about the products, ordered some of the products, tested the products, read more about the products, and low and behold, I was hooked!  At the time I was a preferred customer at no cost.  I used the time to purchase whatever products I wanted, when I wanted, on my own terms.  I used the shop.com portal.  I was shopping, and my shopping consultant was making money at the same time I was earning cash back. I was also surprised to see that I could shop on every other partners store they were affiliated with (Walmart, Home Depot, BedBathBeyond, Norstrom Rack, Macy’s, etc). 

You name it, they had it.  I was purchasing things through Walmart (produced I normally purchase on a weekly basis, and getting cash back)! I also bought merchandise at Macy’s and BedBathBeyond.  What was great about these purchases?  I could go onto the partner site, log right into my account, put items in my cart, use my store credit card to earn points, choose deliver to store or ship for free (especially since I was a preferred customer at the partner site), and earn cash back.  No brainer!!!!!  It was easy!

When I joined in November, this was my opportunity to test the waters. I was getting ready for Christmas shopping. I literally did all my Christmas shopping on the site. I was able to shop at my partner shops, have the products delivered right to my door and earn money at the same time. Now it is March, and I am doing the same thing still – shopping on line!! Just the other day, my husband said he needed a set of tires for his car.  I went on to the portal (shop.com/lisagentileMEd), went to the partner site (Walmart), logged into my Walmart account, searched the item, clicked on the item, purchased the item, used my credit card to earn 5% off, and received Business Volume for my business. Just like that! In a matter of months I was a preferred customer getting cash back to becoming an Unfranchise Owner.

If I were still a preferred customer I would have received cash back. My daughter does that because she is one of my preferred customers. Just like Walmart, Macy’s and BBB have preferred customers, I have several preferred customers since I own the Unfranchise business. Now that I am an Unfranchise Owner, I earn Business Volume and Internet Business Volume. This is supplemental income I earn on the things other people purchase and also on what I purchase. Isn’t that what the big companies do. They earn money on what people purchase?

This has been especially helpful during COVID. Online marketplaces are making billions of dollars. I asked, “Why can’t I be part of this multi billion dollar industry?” I took my chance to hop on board this train, and I am glad I did.  There is no going back from there.  The business plan offered me the information I needed to know that this was a no brainer.  First and foremost – people helping people.  The parent company does and has everything you need to succeed. I asked myself too, “Why set yourself up for failure by opening a Franchise and/or a business during these unexpected times. Don’t get me wrong, I love walking into a store, especially and local store and supporting those business owners too, but this business gives me the flexibility of working my 9-5 teaching job, at the same time, getting the nutrition I need, helping my family and staying healthy while earning a supplemental income.

In addition, I was also able to do comparative shopping right on the site, get price alerts through another APP called Shop Buddy, and  shop for brand name products right from the comfort of my home

What’s great about this too is, there is a plan. It’s not the normal 45 year plan that I was told I needed to follow. Work a good job that pays insurance and benefits. This plan is a 3-year plan. A plan anyone can do if they are willing to commit 18 hours a week. If you are out there and you are interested you should check it out. No pressures, just be a preferred customer and do your own due diligence first. If you like what you see and hear, GIVE IT A TRY!!

I shop, you shop, we all shop!

You save money, I save money, we all make money!

PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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